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Cosmetic Medicine Application

Cost of Neurotoxins

For clients who understand the importance of a professional and qualified injector

The cost of neurotoxins is determined by the number of units used. The typical cost of neurotoxins in Ottawa is between $10-$12 per unit. Our Nurse Practitioner takes the time to consult with her clients to determine the areas that require treatment and to assess the number of units of neurotoxin that will be required to attain the desired look. Once the client agrees with the plan and the cost, the treatment is executed. The treatment can be completed in one visit; however, it can also be spread over a few visits. Typically, where neurotoxins are concerned, less is usually more.


Here are some indications of the number of units necessary for some areas: 


  • Horizontal forehead lines average 15-20 units

  • Crow’s feet are approximately 12-18 units 

  • Glabella (the space between the eyebrows) will typically need 15-30 units


The exact dosage and pricing will be determined by the cosmetic injector after the initial consultation and proper assessment.

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