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Cosmetic Medicine Application

Neurotoxin After Care

For 3 hours (Post-Treatment):

  • To maximize the results you should contract the injected muscles as frequently as possible and ideally until bedtime on the day of treatment. Frown, furrow your brow, raise your eyebrows and smile to your heart's content. This helps the medication bind naturally to the intended muscle and helps to avoid uptake into adjacent muscles that were not intended to be treated.

  • Stay in an erect posture and avoid lying down.


For 24 hours (Post-Treatment):

  • Avoid repetitive bending over motions (eg. Snow shoveling, gardening, house cleaning).

  • Avoid alcohol, aspirin or non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (eg Advil, Naproxen, Aleve) 

  • On the first evening after treatment, splash your face clean and pat dry.  Do no rub.


For 24-48 hours (Post-Treatment):

  • Do not massage, rub or apply pressure to the treated area. You can apply skin care products and make-up very gently to the treated area in an upward/outward movements.

  • Avoid vigorous exercise that will make you break into sweat.

  • Avoid excessive heat such as tanning, hot tubs/baths or saunas.

  • Book a follow-up appointment to evaluate your treatment results in 2 weeks time. (time it takes to see the full effect of the treatment).


Your next treatment will be due in 3-4 months time when you will start to see significant movement of the muscles and skin in the treatment areas. Try not to let the neurotoxin wear off completely before you have your next treatment – this helps to ensure we can stay ahead of any wrinkles.

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