Smooth, Hair-Free Skin Awaits: Try Electrolysis at Trims Salon and Spa


Why Choose Electrolysis?

Experience permanent hair removal with our Electrolysis services at Trims Salon and Spa. Effective for all hair colors and skin types, Electrolysis offers a lasting solution to unwanted hair. Our skilled professionals use precise techniques to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience. Step into Trims Salon and Spa for a personalized and effective hair removal solution that leaves you with smooth, long-lasting results.

What We Offer

Please note that all prices reflect one session and can be subject to change. Hair pattern, hair coarseness, hair growth rate all affect how many electrolysis sessions you require.

Consultation Fee


10 minutes Service


15 minutes Service


30 minutes Service


45 minutes Service


60 minutes Service


120 minutes Package