Vascular & Pigmentation

Explore Vascular and Pigmentation Treatments for Clear, Beautiful Skin at Trims Salon and Spa


Clear Skin Awaits

Say goodbye to unwanted marks with Vascular and Pigmentation treatments at Trims Salon and Spa. These non-invasive procedures target visible blood vessels and pigmented spots, helping to reduce redness and uneven skin tone. Our skilled professionals use advanced techniques to enhance your skin's clarity and promote a more even complexion. Experience the personalized care and transformative effects of Vascular and Pigmentation treatments at Trims Salon and Spa for a radiant and confident you.

What We Offer

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Broken Capillaries/Cheek




Rosacea Cheek/Nose Area


Rosacea Full Face


Face Sun Spots


Hand Sun Spots


Individual Sun Spots Hands/Body/Face

Individual Sun Spots



Full Legs